Educational Innovation Poems — Part I

1 min readJul 9, 2021


The ErasmusX Team was recently joined by three new team members, namely: Fanny, Lea and Pablo. As a part of their onboarding ceremony, we asked all three to write a poem about education innovation. In just 15 minutes, they had to draft up a poem by hand.

In a 3-part series, we share with you what they wrote. Today, it is Pablo’s turn!

This poem was written by Pablo Andrés Ortiz de Zaldumbide

In the middle ages, ignorance seemed contagious.
People lived their lives in fear.
God was the word with no other information near.
Status quo ruled, and the rest was outrageous.

Then Renaissance brought curiosity back to life.
It was the comeback of exploration and education.
And printing made available knowledge and information,
So that we could finally allow our brains to thrive.

Erasmus was an agent of change,
And he didn’t know it from a young age.
But he kept his commitment
And got to learn from a broad range.

Innovation is nothing new,
But we still struggle… Who knew?

Vision is the key.
It sounds easy, I know…
But it is difficult to even see
That the world can still grow.


Stay tuned for next week, when it’ll be Fanny’s turn!




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