Educational Innovation Poems — Part III

1 min readJul 22, 2021


The ErasmusX Team was recently joined by three new team members, namely: Fanny, Lea and Pablo. As a part of their onboarding ceremony, we asked all three to write a poem about education innovation. In just 15 minutes, they had to draft up a poem by hand.

In a 3-part series, we share with you what they wrote. Last week we shared Fanny’s poem. This week marks the last part of this series. So here’s Lea’s poem!

This poem was written by Lea Zimmermann

Education innovation
Important for every generation
Exploring tools and new technology
Should be accessible with no high fee
Don’t be scared and rewire your brain
It will bring a lot of gain
You think only old people know it all?
Sometimes youngsters need to make old structures fall
Together in co-creation
For education innovation

Sometimes a listening ear
Perhaps coupled with a beer
Should engage students all along
Where there is no right or wrong
Think outside the box
That’s how education rocks





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