Educational Innovation Poems — Part II

2 min readJul 15, 2021


The ErasmusX Team was recently joined by three new team members, namely: Fanny, Lea and Pablo. As a part of their onboarding ceremony, we asked all three to write a poem about education innovation. In just 15 minutes, they had to draft up a poem by hand.

In a 3-part series, we share with you what they wrote. Last week we shared Pablo’s poem. This week it’s Fanny’s turn!

This poem was written by Fanny Passeport

Education is like a mirage.

“Educated people” might not be “educated” and uneducated people might well be the most “educated”.

It goes beyond the badge.

We need to scratch beyond the surface of education and look inside to find our ambition, but do we know ourselves within? Or were we always trying to “fit in”?

We need to disrupt education because learning is a dance. When we stretch, when we are flexible and reach our flow, we are fulfilled.

Empowerment is our stance. So innovation in education asks a question. Why is this important and so what? It requires us to consider our impact and contribution to make the world a better and more than just a place!

Are we courageous enough to take the less traveled road?


Stay tuned for next week, when Lea will share the last part of this ̷b̷l̷o̷g̷ poem series!




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